Perjured Testimony

 Celedonio Mata Confesses

Below is a document written by Gerald Lorence (Wilson's attorney in 2003). Within this letter, Mr. Lorence describes a visit he received from Celedonio Mata, the prosecutors only witness against Wilson. While Mr. Mata failed to sign an affidavit, he did however give detailed facts as to why he perjured himself during Wilson's trial. Mata was placed on a 4 year probation period in 1992. One year into his probation, Mata was found to be in possession of multiple weapons, cocaine, and marijuana. The detective in Wilson's case used the guns and drugs as leverage to get Mr. Mata  to testify falsely against Wilson. Recently, Wilson has discovered (through the Freedom of Information Act) that while Mr. Mata's probation period would have been completed in 1996, it was actually terminated in 1993 on the same day that Wilson was waived for trial.