Below is a list of self help, correspondence and educational courses Wilson has completed during his incarceration. Including his current enrollment at Calvin University. While looking at Wilson's accomplishments, please know that he has never attended High School and only had a 7th grade education. Below, you will also find Wilson's Associates Degree, College transcripts, and Dean's list letter. Although Wilson has never been to High School, he has a 3.97 GPA. Please keep in mind, he has been able to accomplish everything despite his environment, obstacles he has faced over the years, and even throughout the Pandemic when he caught COVID-19 and could barely breathe or move without being in pain.                      Wilson Rivera is the TRUE definition of accomplishment!

-- Commencement Ceremony --

-- Wilson's Associates Degree --

-- Wilson's College Transcripts --

Wilson Made The Dean's List!

The Dean's List is only for students who maintain a 3.5 GPA or above.


* Calvin University (Class of 2023)
(Also currently participating in Calvin's:
-- Restorative Justice Club
-- Theology Club

(For more than a year Wilson has volunteered at his current facility (MTU) as the Chaplain's Clerk while still attending Calvin University and completing his correspondence courses)

* Nations University (Correspondence course aiming towards a Master's Degree in Theology);

* TAYBA Foundation (Islamic correspondence course);
* CRIMINON: The Pursuit of Happiness (Correspondence Course - 2019);

* CRIMINON: Personal Integrity (Correspondence Course - Currently);
* The Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute (Correspondence course - 2019)


* Thinking For a Change (T4C);
* Batterer's Intervention (MiDVP: Mich. Domestic Violence Prevention);
* VERA Institute (President of Student Advisory Council formation team) 


* Herbert Armstrong College - Bible Correspondence course - (1/2/2021)
* Calvin University Compassion Class (9/4/2018)
* Montcalm Community College: Budgeting Skills (4/19/2016)
* Montcalm Community College: Employment Interviewing Skills (4/21/2016)
* Montcalm Community College: Hygiene Facts and Tips (4/22/2016);
* Montcalm Community College: Communication Team Building (4/27/2016);
* Grand Valley State University: Inside/Out Prison Exchange Program (12/8/2015);
* Prisoner Observation Aid Training (Suicide Prevention) (10/22/2013);
* University of the MST of A: Islamic studies Correspondence course (11/14/2013);
* Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC): Legal Writer Training (9/30/2013);

(Part of Wilson's responsibility as one of the few MDOC bilingual Legal Writers was to ensure that Spanish-only speaking inmates received a fair chance in their appeal process. Additionally, Wilson's clients ranged from inmates who were heavily medicated to others with severe learning disadvantages)

* University of Michigan: PCAP Creative Writing Program (4/29/2013)
* American Bible Academy: The Book of John, Correspondence course (4/12/2011);
* MDOC: CAGE Your Rage (2/22/2010);
* Grand Valley State University: Contemporary Literature (5/1/2009);
* Grand Valley State University: Modern Logic (3/1/2009);
* MDOC: Custodial Maintenance Technology (Vocational Training) (3/6/2007)

(Additionally, because Wilson is bilingual, he took the responsibility of translating all the core lessons into Spanish. He then instructed a class of 12 Spanish-only speaking inmates ensuring their success in obtaining their CMT certificate)